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Tips and notifications

A few things that are good to know before and while enjoying geoparties...

  • You can’t perform geoparty in certain places on Mondays – some assignments are connected to visiting a museum or other tourist attractions, which are usually closed on Mondays.
  • Some geofun assignments can only be performed on certain dates (e.g. when an event is taking place) or only within a given period of time (e.g. night games). This information is always indicated and when planning you need to pay attention to it.
  • Always charge your mobile phone before a geofun assignment – you can’t do much with a blank display.
  • Check to make sure you don’t need a specific tool to help you carry out an assignment. If you need to e.g. draw something for an assignment, then you can’t get the job done without pencil crayons :)

Detailed information: