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How to get geons

GEOFUN is mainly about new experiences. But when geons are clinking in your geoaccount, then that is not bad at all either :)

  • AmbasadorPlay games and send your perfomances. Geoparties, which are geolocation games, and Fun School games are evaluated separately. If you complete the game at 100% without hesitation, you will receive full points in the form of so-called geons in your geoaccount. For failed attempts and errors when performing tasks, the number of acquired geons is decreased by percentage.
  • For geoparties, where you want to record a video or audio, write a text or make a photo, then create a list according to the task, and you will receive 5 geons as a bonus for each public record.
  • So-called bonus tasks exist in games which can earn you extra geons.
  • Add a real photo to your profile (you will receive a bonus of 100 geons).
  • Become an Ambassador.
    Spread awareness of the game in the right places and earn 100 geons for recommending it! Send a recommendation email for creating geoparties in a copy to my email to someone who might be interested in GEOFUN. I will add 100 geons to your account for that. You can address e.g. your mayor, secretary or someone from the field of marketing of tourism at the municipal office, information cnetre or tourist destination. I, GeoFather, make decisions on how many geons you will receive! Smile