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How to try out GEOFUN?

The best way to get to know GEOFUN is by trying it out:)

  1. You can play GEOFUN
    1. online in internet browser
    2. iOS.Android.offline in the form of mobile applications for iOS systems (iPhone and iPad) from the App store or Android from Google play.
  2. Install the application and launch it.
  3. Take a look at geofun assignments that are in your area and based on the distance or individual factors you can choose those that you want to go for. Download these geofun assignments into the application. Be careful, in certain places you first need to fulfil specific geofun assignment as priority in order to get to the next ones. The application will notify you about it.
  4. Launch the selected geofun assignment. You will hear the starting fanfare (in most cases) and off you go.  
  5. Your virtual geoguide will give you all of the instructions while performing geofun assignments as well as check and evaluate everything (he is incredibly smart). When he sees you are helpless and is in a good mood, then he will give you a bit of advice Smile
  6. After completing all of the instructions, you will receive a reward in the form of geons according to your achievement and sometimes a little extra something, which we prefer not to tell you right now.

If you want to launch the online version on a mobile device (tablet or smartphone), then 

  • it will work perfectly in a Chrome browser on Android;
  • it will not work on an iPhone/iPad - you will need to use the offline version.

You cannot run GEOFUN on MacBook at the moment frown.