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Geofun greetings

Before you start GEOFUN, learn the geofun greeting properly!

If you are still interested in learning how geofunners (those are GEOFUN players) greet each other, similar to how water sportsmen have their “ahoooy”, then geofans greet each other simply with a “G” and if they want they can also show the letter G with their index finger and thumb of one hand. They can either use the right hand above the body (see example) or the left hand away from the body. Which hand is used to greet depends on in which hand the geofan is holding his/her smartphone with GEOFUN

Geofun Greetings.In order to create the right geofun greeting with your fingers, you have to be careful to make sure:

  • your thumb overlaps the index finger in the vertical position
  • your other fingers don’t interfere in the letter G
  • your thumb is bent, if possible (to the other side than it normally bends)

  Don’t hesitate to share you geofun greetings in the form of photographs or videos on our Facebook presentation. We will reward the best with free geot-shirts!

And if you want to know how you can recognize a regular geofunner, then with peace of mind you can say you can recognize one. You see, he or she will be performing similar crazy and fun assignments as you, act a little weird at times and many geofunners can be recognized by the special geot-shirt they are wearing that only people who participate in this new fun game can receive.

Author: Bohumila Hanáková

Author: Bohumila Hanáková