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The more georanks you acquire, the more a geoperson you are!

Warning.If you would like to understand the information on this page, then we recommend you first carefully study our geodictionary!

Your georank (position in the geofunner army) is determined according to the number of acquired geons, which you receive in individual geofun assignments. The more geons you get, the higher the rank.

Given the fact that our Geodad has decided that geofunners will pursue a lifelong education, it is thus possible that gradually over time, if you do not perform enough geofun assignments, then your georank can even drop. This is caused by the fact that individual georanks are given by a certain percentage of the total of maximum geon values of individual geofun assignments. The more and more new geofun assignments that are added to GEOFUN, the more this total sum will go up and thus geon limits will be increased for individual georanks.

However, I have good news for you. Your rank will always be saved to the last day of the month. Thus you will be able to take a look retrospectively at how weak you were as a geofunner in the past. We assume that once you start playing GEOFUN, you will enjoy it so much that you will only want to rise higher and higher in georanks Smile

You can gain other ranks and awards within the scope of individual regional and theme games in GEOFUN. These will often be associated with various rewards, prizes etc.



min. 0 geons
Hodnost Geoprivate. An army can't function without privates. Don't you think you should work a little harder on your georank?



min. 730 geons
Hodnost Geocorporal. During Hussite times, a corporal commanded 10 armed vehicles, however, you won't be commanding anyone as a geocorporal, but you are no longer a private and you are on your way to being promoted soon...



min. 1827 geons
Hodnost Geosergeant. You are a foremand and sergeant at the same time, because a foreman is a sergeant and a sergeant is a foreman...


Geowarrant officer

min. 3654 geons
Hodnost Geowarrant officer. You have become a noncom and that is already something to talk about...



min. 7308 geons
Hodnost Geolieutenant. The winner among officers!



min. 9135 geons
Hodnost Geocaptain. Before the French Revolution, the captain was usually a nobleman, who purchased the right to command from the previous holder of this right. Don't worry, you won't lose your geons for this georank. In GEOFUN, you can't buy any georanks!



min. 10962 geons
Hodnost Geomajor. So now you are no longer here just for fun, geomajor!



min. 14616 geons
Hodnost Geocolonel. I am beginning to think that you can actually make it. The geoarmy needs more people like you!



min. 18271 geons
Hodnost Geogeneral. So-called "G-G" - you have worked your way up to such a responsible position with hard work. Just one last step remains to the top, the hardest step...



min. 21925 geons
Hodnost Geomarshal. The highest military rank you could achieve, congratulations!