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Learn the basic words so that you don't embarrass yourself in front of geofunners. There is nothing worse than a geofaux-pas.

  • creator of the GEOFUN game, sometimes bugs you out of boredom and sometimes even gives good advice.
  • position in the geoarmy (army of geofunners), which is determined by the number of acquired geons.
  • term used for an active player, who plays honestly, bravely takes it all with good humour. 
  • assignment within the GEOFUN game that the player (geofunner) has to try as hard as possible to fulfil, and geons are awarded to his/her geoaccount depending on how successfully the assignment was completed.
  • If it is a fun game, then it is a so-called geoparty.
  • geofunner, who has created at least one geoparty

  • activity when a geofunner plays the GEOFUN game, thus continuously performs individual geofun assignments and collects geons for their fulfilment. Some geofunners also use the expression geofunning, which can easily be confused with the term geodating, which is when a single female and male geofunner play the GEOFUN game together.
  • geofunning so hard to you drop, basically it is about puffing while playing GEOFUN
  • cashless currency with a relatively stable currency rate which is continuously saved in the players geoaccount.
  • Logo of geoaccount.account for accumulation of the mythical geon currency. Account management is free, internet banking is available and a helpline operates 24/7 except for weekends and weekdays.
  • t-shirt, which you can get either free for participating in the game or by buying online in our e-shop (under preparation)
  • virtual person in your smartphone, who will guide you through your geofun assignment and sometimes even help in fulfilling the assignment. The geoguide doesn’t always have to be all that virtual.
  • cache of the geolocation game Geocaching, where the geoparty start of the GEOFUN application is also placed (so-called cacheparty)
  • geoparty, where the cache of the geolocation game Geocaching is also placed (so-called partycache).

  • simply an embarrassing moment, which happens from time to time to a geofunner, but it shouldn’t happen in the event of improper use of expressions from this geodictionary
  • areas indicating the difficulty of geofun assignments in values ranging from one to five, where the higher the number, the more difficult the assignment is
  • Physical – the higher the value, the more your body will ache the next day, if you are not fit, better footwear than bedroom slippers will come in handy for five-point assignments
  • Mental – the higher the value, the more attentive you will have to be in geofuns and use logic, deduction etc.
  • Embarrassmet – the higher the value, the greater chance of media attention on the GEOFUN website and Facebook when performing assignments
  • Fun – the lower the value the greater the bore, but don’t fret, you will still have fun even if you score a zero
  • GF is a New Year's wish for GEOFUN players, which is supposed to gradually replace the "pour féliciter" (translates as "for good luck") phrase adopted from France, and yet it is no longer used in France. It is also an abbreviation of GeoFunners. After all, it is up to each of us how many geofunparties we do next year and thus how our next year will be!