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Bohuslav Geofather

I am the father of this game, which is clearly why my surname is Geodad. I will be your guide, mentor, plant breeder and fulfil some other functions in the game.

Gender: male
Marital status: single, childless
Age: I am young but time flies
Interests: Sports, travelling, laughter, simply being actively active
Favourite foods:  Fresh roll, schnitzel, tenderloin, noodle soup, lentils (only when I am alone all weekend), potato salad, pickled sausage, smoked meat, goulash… I simply love delicious Czech food
Favourite drinks: There’s nothing better than a cold beer, otherwise, I drink water, it is simply great
Favourite sports teams I cheer for the team that’s winning, but occasionally even the one that’s losing
Favourite country: Beautiful Czech Republic, my Czech Republic



I am the father and head of this whole grand fun referred to as GEOFUN. My real name is Bohuslav Geodad. I was born many years ago. To put it a bit more precise, it was at least in the last millennium. On Facebook I stated a false date of birth (they forced me to fill in something).


Childhood was great. I really enjoyed basic school, nice teachers, funny classmates. My dream was to become the President of the USA, which was a little complicated to do so I let the idea go. I spent a lot of time thinking what secondary school will be the right one for me and grammar school seemed like the right choice. Everyone said I can’t go wrong with it. At grammar school, they always wanted something from me, endless piles of homework, tests, lab tests and exams. After graduating, I said adios to my educational career.
I decided to put travel boots on and went to gather experience in other parts of the world. There were many new places and I can only confirm the words of Forrest Gump’s mother: “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you taste.” However, after returning to the Czech Republic I had to admit that home is home.
After these travels, it was time to face a clear but difficult question: “How can I make a lot of money without working myself to death?” It wasn’t easy to find an answer but I managed! It required a bit of luck, but I won’t say more. I can only tell you that it was no dirty business…

Living in luxury soon began to bore me. So I posed myself another question: “How to get rid of boredom?” I thought day and night about it and I began travelling again, parachuting into abysses and then climbing out. I learned how to pilot a plane, I dived to the bottom of Lake Baikal, swam in the Dead Sea (and survived), I did a thousand consecutive somersaults, I flew to the moon, I skied down Mount Everest, I ran across Russia from right to left and back, I visited all of the wonders of the world from the Egyptian pyramids to Machu Picchu. There I realized again that home is home. At first I wondered what it means exactly, but I bet on my instinct and returned to my homeland the shortest way possible. 
And I asked myself the same question again. The answer was clear. I will create a game…a game like no other in the world. I talked with several friends about the idea, such as Oscar Schindler or Sodomka Junior. Even Magdalena Rettig liked the idea and they all promised to help.  Thus I hired several workers who worked on fulfilling my ideas about an epic game.

The assignment was clear. The game must be modern, utilize modern technology and be played in interesting places. Where should I begin with the game? The choice was narrowed down to my homeland, thus the Bohemia-Moravia Borderlands. I believe that my workers have done a decent job; nevertheless, it is our first job of this type, so we will try to catch the bugs and improve our current challenges. Moreover, we created the game together with the workers so that it is as environmentally friendly as possible – thus no paper, codes, markings, hideaways – it is all nicely arranged on the phone and virtually. It is fun and it should get people to go outside to nice places, preferably entire families or groups of people, because the more the merrier. Of course, the game can also be played individually. And because it is a fun geolocation game, I have named it simply as GEOFUN.

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I hope you try out GEOFUN soon!

For now “G”!

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