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Everything you want to know about GEOFUN, but were afraid to ask...

I would like to congratulate you in advance. By visiting the website of the new geolocation game GEOFUN, you have made one of the best decisions of your life. GEOFUN will soon fundamentally change your thus far relatively boring life Wink I hope I will also be able to congratulate you soon on your first successes after you join the game!

Warning.As you have surely noticed, I use a variety of terms that are probably not entirely clear to you. Don’t worry about it and just study the GEOFUN dictionary a little. Geofunners have their own greeting. They greet each other with the word “G”, to which they can add a special hand greeting.

GEOFUN  What exactly is GEOFUN?

GEOFUN is an elaborate mobile application for smartphones with Android and iOS operating systems, which guides you through the most interesting places in the region in a fun and competitive way. The game is based on the popular geocaching, but it much more exciting and adventurous in character. Basically it is a fun geolocation game of the new generation, where it is not enough to just find the place and check yourself, but you also have to perform various assignments that the guide assigns you throughout the game. Your guide is always someone local who knows the given city or region well and can give you good advice.

You never know what your assignments in a games will be in advance until you reach the first specified place where the game starts. The scopes of the assignments are specified by a total of 4 so-called geofun factors: physical, mental, embarrassment and fun. They are rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the most difficult.

Geofun factors.

If you still don’t know what the game is about and are undecided about participating in it, then I can give you one word of advice. Try it and see for yourself, if you like it or not.

You can also find more information in the Frequently asked questions.

  How much does it cost?

As sung by the group Chinaski: “The best things are for free!” The mobile application is provided entirely free of charge. In the fulfilment of certain geofun assignments you need to pay admission or fares.

The project itself is financed by the regions and buildings the geofun assignments are based in.

  Contact for GEOFUN?

Perhaps it will sound strange, but I am not a big fan of modern mobile phones, although I own one, but without a SIM card and so you can’t reach me by phone. You can leave me a message in the discussion forum or Facebook. I hope you are a fan of ours already :)

Contacts for the members of my team can be found here.

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